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Legit Trappers Enterprises Free Government Grant Resources.


Government grants come from federal, state, and local branches. Private grants come from companies

and foundations. And because many people don't know about these grants, or they assume that they

would not qualify, a lot of this money is going unclaimed. With grants your credit or income level does

not matter because the grant givers don't care if you are able to repay because the money is yours to

keep. With grants there is no upfront money for you to pay. You fill out an application and they will let you 

know if you will be awarded the grant. There is no processing fee or application fee for applying for a grant. So

always remember to not allow any one to charge you for filling out an application for a grant. Or do not allow

any one to tell you, you have to repay them a sum of money you obtained for free by applying for a grant. If they do it is most definitely a scam. So do your research on the federal, state, and local branches you are applying for the grant from to have knowledge and protect your self. Below i have listed a variety of different websites with the links you can tap to direct you to where you need to go to apply for the particular grant 

you desire to apply for. And please after you obtain the( blessing) meaning the funding that you acquire after

you went through the process of obtaining the funding that you needed from these resources. We ask that you send us an email sharing your testimony how God almighty has bless you to obtain what you need to be the blessing on this earth in other peoples lives for  His glory & their benefits and yours so others will be inspired through your testimony. And always remember we love you and you are always in our prayers.

1. $300,000 to help you get government contracts! www.dla.mil/db

2. $500,000 to start a business- www.sba.gov

3. $200,000 credit line for small business. www.sba.gov/financing/loanprog/caplines.html

4.$500,000 for females and minorities to get government contracts. osdbuweb.dot.gov

5. If you need start up money to get things in motion for your business please visit www.sba.gov/aboutsba/sbaprograms/inv/index.html . The SBIC funding for small businesses includes

$10 billion from the government and private funding of over $12 billion.

6. $25,000 "micro-loan" to start a business. www.sba.gov

7.$200,000 to run a ranch or farm. www.fsa.usda.gov

8. If your company needs a more vigorous work force, then this grant will be a tremendous benefit for you.

To learn more about it please visit www.rihric.co/awards.htm .

9.  www.grantsolutions.gov .  This web address for the grants center of excellence (COE). It is a partnership.

between agencies within health and human services, department of agriculture, the denali commission, and department of treasury. The (COE ) states that these partner agencies distribute over $250 billion in grants each year. 10. www.sba.gov/SBIR/indexsbir-sttr.html . The SBIR offers  a host of monetary awards, some totaling as much as $100,000.

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